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  • Sturdy steel and brass construction.
  • Adjustable locknut to control the max pressure.
  • Possibility to fit a venturi injector, on delivery, for chemicals.
  • Plastic knob, upon request

The valve has been designed for a continuous use at a water temperature of 60°C. It can resist for short periods at a maximum temperature of 90°C.


This product is to be utilized with clean fresh water, even slightly additivated with normal detergents. For use involving different or corrosive liquids, contact the PA Technical department. Appropriate filtration should be installed when using unclean liquids. Choose the valve in line with the data of nominal running (system rated pressure, max flow and max temperature). In any case, the pressure of the machine should not exceed the permissible pressure rate imprimed on the valve.


This accessory, on a system that produces hot water, must be fitted in front of the heat generator. This product is bound to be incorporated on a finished machine. On a system that generates hot water, anticipate the fitting of accessories that limit the accidental increase of fluid temperature. . Always install a safety valve that protects the pressurized inlet channel. Choose a correct nozzle size, which allows a regular discharge on bypass, at least 5% of the total flow of the system in order to achieve a constant pressure value and avoid troublesome pressure spikes at closure. If the nozzle wears out, the pressure drops. On installation of a new nozzle, re-adjust the system to the original pressure setting


The valve regulates the max pressure of the system through a piston, which acts on a ball correctly positioned, that closes the bypass opening. A check valve cuts out the delivery section, the pressure of which controls the drive of the piston. Each regulation should be made when the system is operational and the nozzle open.


The bypass line should be returned into a tank with deflectors. By using a direct pump recycle, with elevated pressure intake, it is necessary to install a pressure reducer in order to have an even flow supply and to protect the circuit intake. When the system is opened and closed frequently, it is recommended to install a thermal protector valve (VT3 or VT6) in order to eliminate excessive temperature build-up.



Maintenance has to be carried out by Specialized Technicians.

STANDARD: every 400 working hours (circa 10,000 cycles), check and lubricate the seals with water resistant grease.

SPECIAL: every 800 working hours( circa 20,000 cycles), control the wear of the seals and internal parts and if necessary, replace with original PA parts taking care during installation and to lubricate with water resistant grease.  

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