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HotShot UHT Neutral pH, high-performance carpet & fabric prespray...

HotShot UHT is a concentrated blend of solvents surfactants and builders that are designed to make fast work of even the toughest traffic lanes yet gentle enough to be used on wool and wool blend carpets and fabrics

  • 200LTR MAKES 6600 RTU LITRES.      
  • Neutral pH allowing a wide range of uses. Safe on wool and 5th generation nylon carpet and fabrics. 
  • Submicron technology ensures fast penetration into the smallest crevices and pores to release and suspend soils for easy removal. (Red clay soil, carbon dust, smoke damage)
  • Free rinsing self-neutralising formula will not contribute to resoiling
  • Does not contain optical brighteners or toxic solvents
  • UHT – Ultra High Temperature formulation for use with high performance truckmounted and portable extraction machines
  • Economical to use - Dilutes at 32:1 - One litre of concentrate will clean up to 320 square metres of carpet. 

Directions For Use: 

  1. Vacuum the area to be cleaned thoroughly before any cleaning process.
  2. Pretest in inconspicuous area for colourfastness.
  3. Mix HotShot UHT with hot water at a rate of 32:1   Pump Up Sprayer: 300ml of concentrate per 10 litres of hot water for pump up sprayers or … Hydroforce: (Yellow tip 8:1) 1.3 litres of concentrate then fill the container with warm water. (Brown tip 32:1) use neat….Upholstery: for use on upholstery mix at a rate of 16:1 (60ml or concentrate per 1 litre of hot water)
  4. Prespray over area to be cleaned, let dwell for 5-10 minutes and extract. For heavily soiled carpet there is no need to mix stronger just use a heavier application of prespray. Do not allow prespray to dry before extracting.

For best results follow the standard carpet cleaning practices outlined in IICRC S001 and Australian Standard AS/NZS-3733 /1995


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