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Powerful UV Flashlight for Urine Detection 

The best investment you'll ever make! Carpet cleaners know that real gold is yellow and found in carpets, not caves. This high-powered, 51 LED UV light is built specifically for urine detection and will have you screaming "Eureka" all throughout your customer's house. The lights are designed to work in the 385-390nm range of the UV spectrum and waste very little energy in the spectrum of light that doesn't cause the molecules in urine to fluoresce. Translation: more battery power is devoted to detecting urine stains, not lighting the room.

Durable is an understatement for this light. The UV light is water resistant, shockproof and the rugged aluminum body will protect your light from mishaps in the van. LED lifetime is an impressive 100,000 hours and will run for hours on three AA batteries.*Batteries are not included*

Don't get stuck with a dead light! Rechargeable lights can provide unpleasant surprises when you show up to a customer's house and discover your battery is dead. Keep a spare set of batteries handy and you'll never be without your gold detector.

Amber glasses are highly recommended for detecting urine. These glasses are inexpensive and will greatly improve the contrast of any urine stain - a must with any UV flashlight.

The graph below shows the optimal wavelength for UV lights, which is between 385 and 405nm. Anything above 405nm shows as purple, visible light and is not actually creating fluorescence. A more focused light, represented by the red line has a high level of intensity in the optimal range and will fluoresce urine more brightly. A typical UV light using older technology, represented by the green line, has a broader range of electromagnetic radiation and will generally not work as well in daylight conditions. When testing a light, make sure to judge it by how well it fluoresces the desired material, not by how much visible (purple) light is seen, as purple light is just wasted energy. A simple and sometimes scary, way to check the effectiveness of a light is to find the nearest restroom and test it with the light on and off.



Color Black
Material Aluminum 6063-T6
Emitter Brand LED
Emitter BIN LED
Color BIN Purple
Number of Emitters 51
Excitation Mode Electric Excitation
Output Mode Light
Working Medium Semi Conductor
Wave Length 395~400 nm
Wave Band Range 400nm
Working mode Single pulse
Working Voltage 4.5 V
Working Current 1200 mA
Battery Configuration 3 x AA batteries
Runtime 6~8 hours
Number of Modes 1
Mode Arrangement Hi
Mode Memory No
Switch Type Reverse clicky
Switch Location Bezel
Lens Plastic
Reflector Plastic Smooth
Beam Range 50 meters
Strap Included Yes
Clip Included No
Other Feature Features: low power consumption, waterproof, pressure-proof, low weight, portable, fashionable; Technical features: 1. The 5mm violet light is packaged by a glass and nickel plated alloy shell, which really strengthens violet lights luminous efficiency, decreases the attenuation and prolongs its service life; 2. Its two leads adopt gold-plating technique; 3. High luminous strength; 4. Stable and reliable quality; Application fields: 1. Medical devices; 2. Kill germs; 3. Ink curing; 4. Detection of the crack and flaw on the metal; 5. Photocatalyst light source; 6. Money examining and bill counting devices; 7. Anti-counterfeiting industry; 8. Medical measurement and biometry safety detection; 9. Hydraulic leak detection and so on; Purposes: 1. To distinguish whether the money is real (distinguish from the money's watermark and paper; 2. Used in the germicidal machines, money examining devices, anti-counterfeiting tester and so on; 3. Used to detect the anti-counterfeiting watermark of a product, such as illegitimate cellphone, copycat cellphone, formal invoice, train ticket, social security card, high-end cosmetics, high-end cigarette, wine, anti-counterfeiting furniture, and board; 4. Used to check whether your amber is real or not real amber glows yellow or blue aura, anti-counterfeiting amber does not glow any light; 5. Uses UV ray to have microbe position finding; 6. To check the hidden repair of the glass or crafts; 7. Used to: the sunglasses sales use it to detect whether the sunglasses is anti-UV; 8. Fishing flashlight; 9. A good choice of business gifts giving and advertisement gifts giving; The batteries it uses are 3 x AA batteries (not included)
Packing List 1 x Flashlight & 1 x Strap



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